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Are you a DandB employee interested in using social media?   Make sure to read through our Social Media Policy (email if you need a copy) and then check out these useful resources to help you get the most out of our online communities!


Stay better connected with colleagues by communicating and collaborating with people in your department and throughout the company.

  • Send a request to join the Yammer network
  • Sign up and get an account
  • Join different groups like Juice Club, DandB Flock, or DBCC Snowsports
  • Engage with colleagues and share any interesting ideas
  • Post and share any articles people would find interesting


Useful resources on getting started:

D&B Credibility Resources:


Useful resources for getting started:

D&B Credibility Resources:


Useful resources for getting started:

D&B Credibility Resources:

Checking (and Fixing!) Your LinkedIn Profile.

Many D&B Credibility employees have the wrong company associated with their profile.  It’s an easy problem to check and fix!

  • Step 1: When on your LinkedIn profile, hover over the company name on your LinkedIn profile

    If the company is listed as “Dun & Bradstreet” instead of “Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.”, there’s a problem!  (but it can be fixed!)
  • Step 2: “Edit” your company/position
  • Step 3: Select “Change Company”
  • Step 4: Start typing “Dun & Bradstreet Credi…” and select the company that should autofill.
  • Step 5: Click “Update”


We regularly update our YouTube account with new videos and plan to do much more in the near future!  Subscribe to our YouTube updates to follow along!


We regularly update our Google+ account with company blogs and interesting news. Follow our Google+ updates here!


Join us as we pin pictures of our company culture, office, events, history, and search out the most interesting news and resources around business credit and credibility solutions on Pinterest. Follow to the company Pinterest page!

Our Company Blog

We regularly update our company blog to provide information for small business owners, as well as fun “cultural” stories about live at DandB.   Follow along at:  Credibility Insights


  • Our LIVE Video events for Small Business Owners can be found at
  • Subscribe to updates to follow along and take part in our conversations with Business Experts!
  • Join our LinkedIn Group for this community: CredibilityLIVE on LinkedIn

Other Online Networks

Are you active on any other sites like:

We don’t have active company profiles on those networks (yet!), but let @tyr know and he’ll happily connect you up with other @DandB employees active in those communities!

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